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I have always enjoyed the limelight of the main stage. Ever since high school, I have memories of speaking and engaging audiences at elections.

In 2002, at the national Kuwaiti student’s elections, a colleague asked me to deliver the speech on his behalf for the party. It was the first time that I realized that people like to hear me not just because I am popular, but also because of my ability to touch the hearts and souls of others in a genuine yet striking style. Ever since, I have been asked by many to deliver speeches or be the MC at their events. One of my latest speeches I delivered was as the MC of the EQUATE Children Ceremony and farewell event for the CEO.

I like talking to people in the local masjids (mosques) in the community, on TV, and on radio shows.

I would love to be a part of your upcoming speaking event because I am passionate about changing the perspective and the lives of others.

5 Reasons to Hand Me the Microphone

I am passionate about people and their development. I am often asked, “Are you a motivational speaker? You are the best speaker I’ve heard” after I deliver my speeches or seminars!

A sense of humor and engagement is useful and fun. I use them to balance the action and add spice to my speeches.

When I speak to my audience, I relate to each level, be it from janitors, executives, CEOs, to other members in the audience. I always ensure that they benefit from the knowledge and experience I am sharing.

This is the core of what I do – to have customized delivery that exceeds the stakeholder’s expectations, whether they are planners, management, or the audience.

I am a certified global trainer, and only preach what I know and have practiced. I do not have a problem talking to any type of audience and know my subject inside-out.

Most In-demand talks

Leading with Vision

Leading with Influence

Leading a Motivated Team

Authentic Leadership

Creating Fulfillment

Creating Your Legacy


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I am committed to making your event a success!

While I’m comfortable speaking to most kinds of audiences, to ensure that I’m able to make the most of my time on stage, please include information about your audience’s background and general level of qualification.

This will help me tailor my speech such that we are in complete alignment with the theme of your event, and your organization’s values.

I am based in Kuwait, but have spoken in multiple locations and am willing to travel to you. If there is travel and/or multiple dates involved, please include details about that in your comments as well.

Please note: I typically need 15 days’ advance notice for bookings depending on the scale and location of your event.

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