My Services

I partner with leaders and executives to champion leadership development and coaching culture at the foundational level.
My team and I work with companies to empower individuals to progress through challenging company ranks through tailored and bespoke 1:1 sessions on leadership consulting, coaching, and training. To learn more about me and my services, check my profile.

Golden principles of Legacy:


We offer multiple customized solutions to groom your current and future leaders.

FULLY CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS TO MEET YOUR NEEDS: we can tailor make assessments, project nature and duration to best fit your organization strategy, priorities and business needs

ONLY LEARN FROM THE BEST: our practices, tools and accreditations are from top/thought leaders in the area of HR, leadership and talent.

DIVERSE EXPERIENCE AND GLOBAL EXPOSURE: We can relate to and understand people from different backgrounds, cultures and practices. We pride ourselves on being culturally and industry sensitive.

CLEAR MEASURABLE ROIs: We think with the end in mind when developing any project, so it’s clear for the management what to expect and how to achieve it.

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER: We are committed to your success, we always offer follow-ups to ensure effective and correct implementation.

For all our interventions, we follow the following process to ensure maximum return or value and expectations during our partnership journey:

My consultation service is for you if...

Abdulaziz believes that the personal development is the key to the success of the organization, and this drove his passion for helping those around him challenge themselves to go up to the next level. I found Abdulaziz to be personally driven to explore new areas that would serve to grow his exposure to new concepts. He is flexible and open to considering new ideas and methodology. He is clear-minded and focused on the ultimate goal. I believe Abdulaziz’s greatest strength is his ability to inspire others to rise above, and he does this through highlighting aspects of their personality and character that he has observed firsthand.

– Eman M. Al-Awadhi
Group Communications Director,
Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)


ENGAGING: we deliver an engaging practical environment where leaders can practice new skills first-hand before the workplace.

RELEVANT: we make sure the right topic gets delivered to the right audience

GUARANTEED SUCCESS: If we cannot define success, then we don’t do it.

MEASURABLE RESULTS: We provide follow up, coaching and mentoring for all our training programs

GOLDEN RULE: Simple, Practical, Sustainable

Other training I provide includes:

  • Emotionally intelligent leaders
  • Leading with compassion
  • Leaders as coaches (as per Marshall Goldsmith’s certification)
  • Building a coaching culture (as per Marshall Goldsmith’s certification)
  • Leadership brand
  • Talk like a great leader

My training is for you if...

Abdulaziz is a dedicated and hardworking person who is extremely passionate about leadership and talent management. I have seen the added value he delivered as a certified Dale Carnigie trainer to many corporate clients in Kuwait. He is an empathetic public speaker and he has the natural ability to capture the attention and interests of his audience.

– Salem Almutawa
Brand Manager, Automotive Sector


Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process takes the leadership change process outside the leader’s office, and into his work environment with the leader’s stakeholders. Stakeholders are in the best position to provide important and insightful suggestions for improvement and behavioral change on the job. In light of this, the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process includes a much stronger emphasis on follow up, implementation and reinforcement by involving a much wider network of people in a disciplined way than traditional coaching. The Stakeholder Centered Coaching process delivers real value through the implementation of change that is sustained, recognized and acknowledged by stakeholders in the workplace.

PREVAIL COACHING & MENTORING: coaching and mentoring individuals post completion of any of the Prevail workshops to build their vision, develop the right skills and achieve the desired results.

EQ COACHING: enhance emotional intelligence to enhance emotional awareness and collaboration among the team and work environment.

TALENT MANAGER: coaching and mentoring leaders to be talent enablers.

My coaching is for you if...

Abdulaziz is a leadership campaigner. I worked with him for more than three years in delivering training and coaching programs. He always used a simple and resilient approach: the cornerstone of any team with a humble attitude. I’m honestly enjoying working with Abdulaziz and genuinely recommend him as a business partner and transformation stakeholder.

– Ahmed Abdulaziz
Chief Executive Officer
Talented Calibers Company "TCC"


An accurate snapshot of leadership effectiveness for teams and individuals: choose your assessment depth with a Global 360 Degree Feedback Process, Behavioral Interviews, Emotional Intelligence and optional Psychometric Testing.

The first step is to understand yourself and where you want to be. The assessments will give you a great basis to accelerate your leadership effectiveness.