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As a leader, you are challenged every day, from daily obstacles at work, to battling tendencies to fall back into old habits, especially when faced with crises.

But imagine if I told you that it’s not only possible to visualise these dreams and achieve them, but also do so in a way where you develop your own authentic leadership style?

By reading Prevail and practicing some of the techniques inside, you’ll be able to do just that! These methods have been proven successful in the industry time and time again, and have impacted and positively changed MILLIONS of lives.

This book is a pure distillation of everything I have learned in this journey, giving you a simple way to practice the essentials of effective leadership. In these pages, you’ll learn how to use them to your advantage and achieve your personal and career goals.

The moment I picked up Prevail, I immediately knew I had something special in my hands. Prevail is an exceptional leadership manual. It creates a roadmap for aspiring leaders to grow their careers by developing an authentic leadership brand to help them become successful at any given time and in any environment.

What is so unique about Prevail is that it’s about realizing human potential through the lens of being an authentic leader. It’s a fresh take on how to overcome challenges while being true to yourself and others — a bold approach that comes from characteristics of humility and genuine care for those you lead. The direct style of the book is one of its strengths, and the vast range of stories and examples that it contains makes it a truly global reference across cultures and positions.

Read it and follow Aziz’s advice!

– Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Thinkers50 World’s #1 Executive Leadership Coach
and Bestselling Author

Look Inside Prevail

Chapter 1

The Effective Leadership System

Learn the four pillars of effective leadership: leading self, influencing others, leading teams, and motivation.

Chapter 2

A Leading Self Creates Great Leaders

Dig deep into what you need to have to start an inspiring leadership journey. Tap into what makes the right mindset to lead yourself first before leading others.

Chapter 3

Formula of Influence

Understand the top qualities of a credible leader as described by John Adair in his famous book “Leadership and Motivation: integrity, enthusiasm, and humility.”

Chapter 4

As in Times of War

Learn the difference between a group and a team, and what it takes to move a group of people to be organized and function as a collaborative team—a team of warriors.

Chapter 5

Pull the Trigger

Dive deep into the theories of motivation formulated by the world’s renowned leaders of motivation and explore how we can ensure that we have the right balance between external and internal motivators.

Chapter 6

The Prevail Leadership Model

End your learning journey in this book by combining the main ideas, tools, and skills of all four chapters of the book int “The Prevail Leadership Model.”

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Who is Prevail For?

This book was written specifically for people who want to prevail as an exceptional leader


Who want to achieve their ultimate vision and make a lasting impact

Senior Professionals

Who want to attract and earn the respect they deserve


Who want a tried-and-tested method to becoming influential and impactful leaders

Team Leaders

Who want to lead a motivated team to achieve maximum results


Who want to develop their own genuine, authentic, and effective leadership style


Who want to be someone everyone relates to and are inspired by

L&D Facilitators

Who want to help their staff feel driven, fulfilled, and to enjoy their life

And For You!

Who wants to be ready for higher, more challenging roles, whatever position you are in!

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Praise for the book

This book is a wonderful compilation of the best thinking about the broad topic of leadership development from the most insightful thought leaders of the past seven decades. This information is brought together in a cohesive way and it become a useful template for anyone aspiring to become a better leader. Highly recommended!


– Jack Zenger
CEO of Zenger Folkman, co-author the best-selling The New Extraordinary Leader: Turning Good Managers into Great Leaders

Integrity and commitment, as well as excellent communication skills is what makes Abdulaziz a true leader. I hope to work with you again someday in the near future.


– Lauren McPherson
Technology Recruiter & Director,
Digital Nomads

Abdulaziz is a born leader, a good friend and a wonderful human being. He is down to earth and is highly skilled at his job. He is creative and innovative in his approach and puts his team before himself.


– Shalom Mammen
Organizational Development Officer,
Hassan Abul Co.

Prevail Book is on my top list to read this month, it’s a must!


– Hasan Youness
University Professor, Researcher, Trainer, & Author

Very nice book, I really liked it and it’s really interesting.


– Cristel Taoutel
Owner of Kiki Events Services & Kiki Sweets

About the Author

Abdulaziz Al-Roomi has elite credentials and over 16 years of experience in the fields of HR, training, and leadership development.

He is a Marshall Goldsmith Executive Leadership & Team Coach, Dale Carnegie Trainer and holds several other certifications.

He is experienced in developing leaders for the future through innovative training and development activities, coaching techniques, and leadership assessments to meet global standards. He identifies training needs for executives and senior professionals and devises quality assurance training programs and initiatives. He has supervised multimillion-dollar training budgets and exceeded the expectations of his clients.