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Do you want to live a mindful life and be content with yourself? How important is it for you to visualize your dreams and achieve them?

– Abdulaziz Al-Roomi

Imagine yourself having achieved this. It’s possible by reading this book and practicing some of the techniques inside which have been proven successful and have impacted and positively changed millions of lives!

This book provides you with a simple way to practice the essentials of effective leadership. In these pages, you’ll learn how to use them to your advantage and achieve your personal and career goals.

Prevail is backed by many powerful and well-known leadership theories, combining them into a visual model to help leaders realize and capitalize on their strengths, helping you create a positive impact on your organization.

Find your true north in your leadership compass and be remembered as a solid leader who can take his/her team to the next level of the game.

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How important is it for you to be an inspiring leader and be perceived as genuine?

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Achieve your ultimate vision


Be an influential and impactful leader and earn the respect you deserve


Lead a motivated team to achieve maximum results


Be an authentic and genuine leader that everyone relates to and is inspired by


Achieve your vision while feeling fulfilment and enjoying your life


Prevail and be known as a leader who is ready for higher, more challenging roles

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About The Author

Abdulaziz has elite credentials and over 17 years of experience in the fields of HR, training, and leadership development.

He is a Marshall Goldsmith Executive Leadership & Team Coach, Dale Carnegie Trainer and holds several other certifications. He has worked for EQUATE, Kuwait for over nine years, where he has built a strong legacy of success within leadership development, HR, and organization-level process innovation, improvements, and effectiveness. Through his upward career trajectory, other roles Abdulaziz has held include Senior Leadership Specialist, Senior Organizational Development Specialist, Personnel Supervisor, IT Trainer, and business owner.

Abdulaziz holds a master’s degree in Management & Business Administration from the Maastricht School of Business & Economics, Netherlands, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, College of Engineering—California State University—Long Beach, United States.