About Me

Being Authentic
from humble beginnings to rising above

This is my story

I was born in Scotland and raised in Kuwait by my grandparents. At an early age, I was exposed to their wisdom and heard stories of our forefathers, who built my country through sacrifice, determination, and most of all, ethics and courage.

Being exposed to different households and having been mentored by my grandfather, father and stepfather, I gained a broader understanding of what mentorship is all about earlier than most.

Listening to these stories through my time in elementary school and comparing them to the rhetoric achievements of Prophet Mohammad and his companions, I began to form a mental picture of what a leader looks like.

What is leadership, anyway?

As I grew older, I realized that while leaders may come from different backgrounds and ethnicities, they all share the same features, skills, and character. How they behaved, what they said, their habits – there were patterns. As I grew up watching superheroes in cartoons and movies, I decided I wanted to be more of a hero than a leader. I wanted to be recognized for my remarkable achievements and impact in the world and become a role model for the people.

During college, I received my first wakeup call when I realized that successful people made a lot of money, but were not necessarily ethical or brave, and were almost nothing close to what I believed to be an ideal leader. This completely shook my worldview! Upon starting my career, my definition of leadership started tending towards making money…it felt like that is what success was all about.

Re-affirming my core beliefs

My time working in HR and especially leadership gave me my second wakeup call. I was surrounded by people who pretended and manipulated others for their own good, whom I hated, but I hated myself even more because I realized that I had started to act like them. I took a good, hard look at what I had become and decided that it was not only wrong, but destructive to me, others around me, and society as a whole to act in such a bad way.

Turns out that my original belief on leadership was correct after all: good old genuine authentic leadership is the only leadership model, and any other is basically fraud.

I made it my mission to help myself and others live their best lives while leading others to achieve a common greater goal for humanity.

I am determined in building up leadership skills in society, so that better leaders can create a better world. Heroes may be memorable, but leaders shape our lives.

That is my story.

How can I help you make yours?

Professional Bio

I’m an HR leader with over 17 years of experience who has been exposed to and practiced best-in-class, world-class practices in leadership development and talent management, learning, and development. I’ve learned HR across industries, including retail, petrochemical, engineering, oil and gas, logistics, IT, food and beverage, and other sectors.

I’m experienced in developing leaders for the future through innovative training and development activities and coaching techniques and leadership assessment to meet global standards. I also identify training needs for executives and senior professionals and devise quality assurance training programs and initiatives. I have supervised multimillion-dollar training budgets and exceeded the expectations of my clients.

I wrote my book PREVAIL to help team leaders aspiring to grow their leadership skills through a comprehensive development system, so they can advance their leadership effectiveness and career to the next level.