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Personal mastery leads to personal greatness

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My Story

Hi, I’m Abdulaziz. I am a visionary thought leader and qualified executive coach with a passion for coaching and mentoring senior professionals.

I believe in creating a better world by enhancing fairness, liberty, and influencing others positively by helping them tap into their potential and live a meaningful life.

I’m on a mission to help others master themselves first, so that they can possess the true leadership skills needed to then touch other people’s lives.

Being exposed to different households growing up, I realised that leaders may come from varied backgrounds and ethnicities, but they all shared common characteristics and skills. I grew up watching those around me with great aspirations trying to build themselves up to greater heights, only to get frustrated and confused just because they were missing a comprehensive system that showed them how to influence others and lead effectively.

My premier book, PREVAIL was born to fulfil this gap.

Collage with Notable People - Abdulaziz Al-Roomi
Testimonial - Wael Al-Lahu

Abdulaziz has excellent experience in the field of human resources and leadership, and as a competent public speaker who has shown strong knowledge and skills in this area. He also has been dedicated to learning and practicing the best-practices and global trends that aim to improve cultural performance, and drive synergy and collaboration for big corporations and entrepreneurs. What I admire most about Abdulaziz is his determination to grow to be a greater asset to his clients and employers. His passion is driven by the success of others.

– Wael Al-Lahu
Sr. Corporate Comm. Executive,

Here's How I Can Help You

My consultation services are centered around helping companies build solid strategic to operational talent value propositions so that they can succeed in attracting the best of talent and grow their leadership human capital pool.

I specialize in training in areas such as leading with compassion, learning skills to talk and present yourself to be recognized as a leader of authority, growing your leadership brand etc, using my unique Prevail Model.

My coaching services are a blend of Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder centered coaching along with my unique PREVAIL model which both place a great emphasis on sustained change including follow-ups to keep on track and achieve results.

Testimonial - Lauren McPherson

Integrity and commitment, as well as excellent communication skills is what makes Abdulaziz a true leader. I hope to work with you again someday in the near future.

– Lauren McPherson
Technology Recruiter & Director,
Digital Nomads

Testimonial - Shalom Mammen

Abdulaziz is a born leader, a good friend and a wonderful human being. He is down to earth and is highly skilled at his job. He is creative and innovative in his approach and puts his team before himself.

– Shalom Mammen
Organizational Development Officer,
Hassan Abul Co.


Old habits die hard. Regardless of how many training programs people take, everybody tends to go back to their old mentalities, especially in times of crisis.

Leaders are expected to take a single course and lead entire teams.

So how do you craft a solution that taps into a mindset that helps truly sustain change? You walk before you can fly. Part of my personal vision is to help people develop their own genuine authentic leadership style, and in Prevail, I provide the exact tools, mindset, and theories regarding personal mastery and leading self, before moving on to leading others. I am proud and thankful that today, Prevail is an Amazon #1 Best Seller book.

It is a pure distillation of my own journey of building, assessing, and reassuring my life vision, with a guide on how you can start your own journey of your personal greatness.

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